I decided to recreate my website, using Elementor Pro version. The main reason I did this was that my old site was alright but there were things I was not happy with. The design definitely did its job but it was no longer pleasing to the eye. There was a lot of white space, no accent colors, and the fact I had some elements from the theme I worked on top of really irked me. I also didn’t like the overall transition from gallery to project page.

The project page was similar to the home page, which was it only saving grace. I didn’t want to just display the final design or shot. I wanted to the home page to feature my best work with a filter and the project page to show the journey mapping. I love looking through one page websites because I think it the best way to feature a lot of information in creative way. And I wanted this portfolio site to become a one page site.

I’ll update in the next post my sketches and ideas. See you next time!