Mayan Bulbasaur Model

3D Design, Character Modeling

The Find

I was inspired to create this model based on this drawing done by Monarobot. This project quickly turned into my favorite project because it had such an excellent base. Working from a 2D illustration that wasn’t a front and side was difficult as I had to figure out how to position parts in the right place.

The Beginning Mesh

I started with the body mesh as it was the most significant piece. Going from there, I made an oval shape base to create the head. As I only had the side view, it was essential to making sure the head was not flat Grabbing reference photos from the original cartoon, I was able to create the head successfully. The bulb on the back was probably the most straightforward part of this model.

The Final Details

Once I had the base model, I focused on the details of the model. Such as the eyebrow, vines, clouds, and stone carving features on the model. These started as simple shapes that were expanded and moved to fit the original drawing. Overall, I learned so much through this project. Before, I was used to having a front and side view of a character. Just having one side view and grabbing reference shots brought in a new perspective of modeling.