Sweet Treats

Flat Design, Color Choice, Product Design, Illustrator

The Start

I was looking into what was trending and came across so many beautiful flat design. During that time, I decided to cut down on sugar, so I decided to create ice cream in a flat designs. I managed to create six different designs before I was satisfied. 

The Idea Expands

I came back to this project a few weeks later, and decided to work on some color scheme practice. I colored 6 different flavors for each design, Bubblegum Blue, Lime Mint, Wild Berry, Hazelnut Coco, Coffee Express, and Cherry Rush. Seeing the different color scheme made me want to have them as stickers. It was at a great timing because I was starting my Etsy shop and participating in Cons and Artist Alley. These were a great hit and everyone loved how many different flavors and ice cream treat they could have. It satisfied every sweet tooth out there.

The Greatest Quote

I found this quote while surfing the web and it just fit so perfectly with this project. So taking those different flavors, I made two different version of this poster.