Flower Tile Designs

Graphic Design, Color Work, Symmetry, Pattern Design

The First Line

I started this project with key goals in mind:

  • Work on color scheme and choice
  • Create intrinsic designs with simple shapes
  • To calm the mind and zone into the work
  • Come out with flowers that would work in patterns

The first five flower shows the I was thinking of a simple shape and line design. Focusing more on the shape of the flower and each petal design created a lovely color based flower. These flowers focus more on color and shapes, making them look simple and plain. 

The Curve

I started adding curved lines and unique shapes into the design which change the overall shape and feel of the flowers. The changes added more depth to the design and slowly came together better. This also allows the use of more colors and gradients in the flowers.

Different View

After looking through mandala design, arabesque patterns, and cultural symbols, I added specific points into these flowers. From a spirally curved petal to a different circle size to show growth, these flowers are some of my favorites out of the series.

The Pattern

I wanted to see how these flowers would look like in a pattern. They turned out great and something that I would pick out at the fabric store. Overall this project achieved the goals that I had set in the beginning. 

© Copyright 2019, Elizabeth Ko