Koi Sticker Designs

Graphic Design, Product Design, Flat Design, Cut Out Graphics. Illustrator

The Cut Out

I made this paper pond cut out using the drop shadow effect and pathfinder in Illustrator. I added Koi fishes to the lake to add some depth to design. Overall this project looked great, and I was pleased with the outcome of the design.

The Want

After coming back to this pond, I wanted to have a physical product that I could use in a journal or planner. I separated the original design into pieces and added a bleed border. I was able to get seventeen different parts from this design. The main pond design was difficult to convert into a sticker format. With the multiple layers and drop shadow, it was hard to maneuver the layout around. The blue layers would also appear in the clipping mask, so I had to create two different masks. I first created a mask for the blue layer that was slightly smaller than the white layer. After that, I clipped the white layer with a slightly larger layer. Using this method, I was able to get a smooth border around the pond design.

Can't Stop at One

After creating the pieces of the original, I wanted to have more variety in the design. After researching Koi fishes and their pattern design, I chose the most popular patterns. For the pattern, I chose four different categories of Koi fish. The four types are Solid, One Paint Color, Calico, and Special. I enjoyed creating the different varieties of Koi fishes and lilies. I was able to expand my color schemes, flat design, and Koi fish knowledge through this project.